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From Ecstasy to Lunch


This book is a caravan of visions, dreams, words, poems, events, reflections, exercises, memories, lamentations, consolations and observations. If takes us on the artistic and mystical life journey: From here to there, from the binding ego to the true free self, from the infinite to the finite, from inspiration to action — From Ecstasy to Lunch, and back again.

This book, by Kabbalist and master mime Samuel Ben-Or Avital, takes us on a journey through the “Center of Silence and Stillness”, the “Hidden Obvious”, and the state of "Conscious Innocence.” Through the journey we learn to balance the constant paradox of the world of duality and apparent separation. We find balance in the wild pendulum of life experiences. We discover that there are many petals, but only one rose, that the essence of us is in fact one and we can always return to it.

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The BodySpeak™ Manual

The BodySpeak™ Manual is a selection of writings, essays, poems, stories, teaching situations, and new exercises for the sole purpose of developing kinesthetic intelligence, and exploring the philosophy, theory, and the intention of the practice of the BodySpeak™ method of training.

"Move freely, but with full attention, as you make your way into the multi-layers of this marvelous book. Spend time with it, study the illustrations, read and re-read key phrases until they reveal their deeper message. Above all, do the exercises. Do them many times, alone or with others. And if you are lucky, you will one day find yourself, as I did, enjoying the fruits of Samuels teaching and perhaps planting a few seeds of your own." - From the forward by Mark Olsen

This is the recent NEW edition of the Bodyspeak Manual, recently revised and republished by Kol Emeth of Le Centre du Silence, Boulder, Colorado, USA.

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German edition of the Mime Work Book.  Offering mime history, technique, story, and craft, and specific exercises and learning experiences.

". . . Long before the seventeenth century, Europe had seen the start of a vitally important theatrical movement. Characters with some similarity to those of the ancient Roman mimes were appearing in a new form...  Along with these possible descendants came another -- Arlechino (or Harlequin). Italian and Sicilian players were especially adept at this new type of mime play, which was called Commedia dell'arte all'improviso -- a comedy improvised by professional actors. Its influence spread all through Europe.  When the Commedia dell'arte spread to France, mime took on greater importance."

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The Mime Workbook

An excellent survey of Mime and the classical technique. The beginning and intermediate student will enjoy the carefully crafted methods, exercises and articles detailed by the author.

"For me, mime is more than an art . . . it is a way of life; it requires metaphysical as well as physical awareness. It is an extension of the life force for channeling the energies; it is a symphony of being.

"In the age of noise we live in, it is sometimes wise to listen to what silence has to tell us. Rhythmic inner music, which is in us at all times, is only to be discovered in order to know ourselves and to live better. This after all is the purpose of art."

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Mime and Beyond: The Silent Outcry

This book is a unique integration of ideas and experiences touching the very heart of mime and movement theatre. It goes well beyond the basic discussions of classical mime techniques and theory. It offers special directives for mime, movement students and professionals in the form of exercises, class lectures, and selected writings of contemporary mime artists and students, but its real outcry is that it searches for artistic excellence.

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The Invisible Stairway: Kabbalistic Meditations on the Hebrew Letters

Now publicly available for the first time ever: 

The Invisible Stairway: Kabbalistic Meditations on The Hebrew Letters 
By Samuel Ben-Or Avital

These meditations and articles were collected from various writings, as well as public and private talks, by Samuel Ben-Or Avital, and formed into a manuscript in 1982 for private publication. The manual was created for a few students who needed to learn Hebrew in a certain way so that they would have access to reading some Kabbalistic sources in Hebrew. A few instructions for the proper Sephardic pronunciation of the Hebrew Letters were added. It is with great festivity that we announce this first public edition of The Invisible Stairway.   This book is a proposition to study, partly, the spiritual and cosmic essential codes of the Hebrew letters in a certain way, simple and direct. It is also meant to assist the student in reading the Biblical Hebrew TORAH properly, and not just in its distorted translations. It will open a gateway to really know what the Torah has concealed within its historic and spiritual simplicity. Courage to you who dare to learn and earn the unique way of a new understanding of the great universe and realities we live in at “these times.” 

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The Conception Mandala: Creative Techniques for Inviting a Child Into Your Life

This book is a practical guide for men and women who wish to consciously conceive their children. The authors, Mark Olsen and Samuel Avital, present clear and succint advice on the process of preparing for parenthood: making an honest inventory of shortcomings and fears; writing a formal letter of invitation to the child-spirit; designing and building a "creative mandala"; and using visualizations design to enhance the experiences of both sex and pregnancy. The authors honor the power and resourcefulness inherent in each living individual.

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"Samuel brings awareness to the soul of people and gives the artists who work under his direction the need, dedication, and love for the world of silence and the beautiful art of movement."


- Marcel Marceau, BIP 1961

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