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Cafe-Philo Gone Magic

Café-Salon Philosophique #31

February 20, 1999

No. of Participants: 17

Evening's Topic: Cafe-Philo Gone Magic

Guest: Barry Fernelius, Magician

Cafe-Salon Philosophique was a little unusual this week. Barry Fernelius, a practicing magician and student of The International Summer Mime Workshop to be held this summer, performed his magic for a captive audience of Cafe-Salon goers. His "slight of the hand" use of cards and coins had participants on the edge of their seats!

Discussion then followed with Barry sharing his experiences about working in the world of magic, how he creates illusions, and techniques that he uses to perform magic.

We were to discuss "Living in the Magical Universe" but, conversation did not flow in that direction. Here are some introductory thoughts from Barry to stimulate your own imagination about a magical universe. Maybe next Cafe we can discuss this topic

"Magic is an interesting Gestalt, which only occurs when the sum (magic) is greater than the collection of its parts (slight-of-hand, psychology, theatre and audience). Life is the same way. In the scientific paradigm, each one of us is a collection of physical parts, life is just a series of chemical and biological events. The mind, self and soul are mere illusion.

But, in the magical universe - mind, self and soul are real. The laws of the physical world can be suspended when it is necessary to awaken ourselves to the feeling of wonder. How do we balance our lives so that we can reconcile the scientific and magical universes?"

Cafe participants did share during the discussion thoughts on the use of magic in the world, the need for an active imagination, and how necessary it is to "be like a child" in exploring and rediscovering the world playfully. As adults, we tend to loose this natural trait because we "get serious" in living life.

The evening ended with Samuel commenting on how, "In mime, one learns to shape and form objects from invisible space." Stories and illusions are sculpted and formed by the use of the artist's body only. There is no need for distractions. Learning mime through BodySpeak™, The Avital Method, assists one to relearn and retrain the mind and body to act in unison. One discovers a whole new way of being.

Also, we invite you to come learn more about BodySpeak™ through his series, "An Evening with Samuel Avital." Please contact Deb Evans at the Troubadour Bookstore for times and more information.

The Saturday dates for "An Evening with Samuel Avital" are March 27th, April 24th, May 13th, and June 26, 1999. We hope you can attend.

The next Cafe-Salon Philosophique gathering will be held Saturday, March 6, 1999 at 6:30 - 8:00 p.m. at the Troubadour Bookstore located at 1638 Pearl Street in Boulder, Colorado. Hope to see you there! Invite your friends.

Reported by Alessandra


"Samuel brings awareness to the soul of people and gives the artists who work under his direction the need, dedication, and love for the world of silence and the beautiful art of movement."


- Marcel Marceau, BIP 1961

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