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Courage, Change and Honest Being

Café-Salon Philosophique #50

December 18, 1999

No. of Participants: 21

Topic: "Courage, Change and Honest Being"

Café-Salon did not meet at its regular location at the Boulder Bookstore on December 18, 1999 due to the holiday season. Instead, we gathered at The Taj restaurant located in the Basemar Shopping Center for a philosophical dinner and discussion. We were hosted by our wonderful friends - Camila, her husband, and loyal employee, Nguyen.

Samuel welcomed one and all. The group was then asked, "Why did you come to the dinner tonight?" The general consensus was that people were looking forward to an evening of good conversation along with dinner, and to share with friends.

What better way than with food! Also, all were appreciative of the opportunity to have dinner with Samuel; and as someone mentioned, "you never know what to expect with Samuel, but what you get is alot more than a conversational dinner."

The topic for the evening's discussion was: "Courage, Change and Honest Being."

The first question was, "Do you think as humans we are honest beings?"

Everyone agreed that it is difficult "to be" and "practice" all three on a daily basis - Courage, Change and Honest Being. Some felt that it was natural and easy to be open to change. Others believe that change "is not an easy task." Some felt that they were both "courageous and ready for change." Someone mentioned that "it is necessary to have courage in order to change." And all agreed that they needed to "work towards being more honest with them selves and other people."

Many agreed, "It is hard to be all three because regular routine is comfortable and familiar." Many of us could care less about changing. And because we have not learned to be totally honest with our selves as to what the REAL truth is, we deceive our selves.

The next question was, "What is truth?"

"Truth is total honesty in ALL thought, words and action." "Truth is a reality check, said Jeff. "Truth and being honest with the self and others breaks through the lies, pretense, and superficiality."

Mabel feels though, "some degree of pretense is necessary at times." She feels she "has to be nice" to all people and obligated to interact with them, even if she doesn't care to. Rae, David and others disagreed. They commented, "It's a choice." "You can be kind and courteous to another human being, but that doesn't mean you have to "pretend," or engage in "small talk" with others if you don't care to."

David commented, "The best way to interact in the world is to be your self - who you naturally are." But, most of us hide, have suppressed, or depress the true self. We've forgotten the easy going child-like way of exploring and discovering our selves and the world.

We hide behind "masks of pretense." These could include the different roles that we play, our style of living, jobs/occupations, the way we dress, walk, and talk. We can hide behind emotions such as "nervous" laughter, crude gestures, incessant talking or chattering, etc.

People learn to live superficially. Never stimulated or expected to think beyond the immediate or to see through the daily grind and routines of life. Our main concerns is keeping up with "everybody else." Life revolves around "who has the most," and let me "show you what I know."

We learn to operate from our own little worlds, rather than looking at the bigger picture. We buy into materialism, listen to external authorities (the media, family, church and state), and limit our social interaction and conversation to small talk. This limited thinking lacks courage, creates the inability to change and be honest with the self.

"What is Courage?"

Courage is daring to be your self. Slowing down to take time for the self. Listening to the small inner voice. Learning to drop the pretense, going for the changes, and letting great mysteries happen from within.

Courage is striving forth against all odds, allowing for new time and space in making new creative, realizations happen.

Courage is working from your own personal wisdom, intuition, and intellect in living life and making practical applications.

Courage is having the will, the guts and perserverance to seek the change you so desire and not to be ashamed of wanting that change. Courage takes commitment, time, energy and patience. If COURAGE is present, AND, there is NO FEAR, then CHANGE is easy!

"What is Change?"

Change is easy for those who are: - flexible and adaptable - open-minded and can drop old beliefs, ideas, values and attitudes -true freedom seekers; and those who are seeking to be independent agents.

Change is for those who like to think for themselves and don't want to be a "puppet" for outside authorities. And finally, change is for those who are seeking new ways of thinking, living and being.

Courage and Change go hand in hand with Honest Being. Samuel made the comment, "Less than one percent (1%), maybe even less than that, let's say a miniscule, know and can say that they are TOTALLY conscious, honest beings."

We don't learn total honesty as a child. We learn to "act" and "pretend" for "others" and the outside world. We aren't allowed the freedom to discover who we are as a person, what are creative talents are, or who the artist is within us, totally.

In order to discover this freedom, we must want and provide the time and space. Set aside time to be with the self to allow the creative process to happen. Learn more effective communication, verbally and nonverbally with our self and others.

Samuel says, "We need to stop being lazy and make an honest effort towards living more practically and productively."

Is what you say and do two different things? Is your life balanced? Do you know how to resolve the inner conflicts?

Does you mind and body do two separate things instead of working together in unison? I invite you to look at Le Centre du Silence website.

BodySpeak™ - The Avital Method teaches proven, practical techniques for unleashing the creative powers within your self through the study and practice of ten basic principles. BodySpeak™ can improve your communication skills in order to achieve integration of the mental, emotional and physical factors of being. Restore natural balance and order within your being by allowing your self to more naturally express it self through a new way of thinking, doing, and being.

Private consultations are available. In these consultations, you will discover how to make conscious choices you need to regenerate and organize your life. Your will learn how to use your own natural talents to clearly define and work towards fulfilling goals and dreams through conscious effort. Examine openly and honestly issues that are relevant to you as an individual. Not as a personal problem, but as symptoms of what is missing in our collective and social society.

This work is for your benefit, and is an individual journey if you so dare to choose it. It is something to think about! If you are wanting and needing the guidance towards becoming a more honest being with courage, then find out more about BodySpeak™. Samuel will be happy to share more insight into the work.

Our next Café meeting will be held January 8, 2000 at the Boulder Bookstore located at 1107 Pearl St. in Boulder, CO. Start time is 6:30 p.m. Hope to see you there! Invite your friends!

"Samuel brings awareness to the soul of people and gives the artists who work under his direction the need, dedication, and love for the world of silence and the beautiful art of movement."


- Marcel Marceau, BIP 1961

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