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What is Sleepwalking?

Café-Salon Philosophique #51

January 8, 2000

No. of Participants: 10

Evening's Topic: "What is Sleepwalking?"

Samuel welcomed everyone to the evening's discussion, and began by having participants think of topics that might be of interest to discuss. A few topics that came up for consideration were: "What now after the hoax?" "The Industry of Fear" "What are we working for?" "What is deception? Why do we deceive ourselves?" "What is Sleepwalking?"

"What is Sleepwalking?" was chosen as the topic for the evening's discussion. This topic was previously discussed at one of our earlier Café gatherings.

SO, "What is Sleepwalking?" Sleepwalking could be described as "going through the motions" of life without "conscious effort." Many daily routines tend to be done automatically and mechanically without thinking.

Familiar routines become comfortable, and we sometimes choose to avoid participating in new situations or events. New ways of doing things can be an uncomfortable change for some people, or often times, we are just plain too lazy to think about participating in new ways of being.

When one is "sleepwalking" through life, it doesn't take much effort to think! We as humans "mill about" in this world on a daily basis "missing the point," and then wonder, "Why we are here?" "Why am I bored?"

Because, it is easier to stay in a dream, create illusions, and live in false realities. We are taught to live life at an ever increasing, hectic pace. We are not taught to think creatively. We do not learn how to activate, stimulate or expand our intelligence. We willingly exploit our selves every day to the media, and believe what they want us to believe.

We choose to listen to outside authorities.

The government tends to "rule" the people by force, coercion, manipulation, rules and regulations. We are given false promises and reality is distorted. Billions of dollars of the taxpayer's money is wasted annually on "new buildings," "statutes," "newly created" positions in the name of "research," etc. This way of thinking filters all the way down into the other structures of our lives - home, school, church and state.

Religion over the centuries has been a culture based on the philosophy of death. We are "shamed" into believing that we have committed "sins" and that we must repent and "follow god." This suppresses our creativity and natural way of being. We lose our sense of identity and self worth.

So, how does one "CREATE THE CHANGE for living a more conscious life?"

Bruce says, "courage is needed for change." "If something isn't working, then something else needs to be tried." Damien says that one needs to "develop their own philosophy in life." Samuel says conscious living is when one "stops being lazy" and the "proper amount of effort" is made towards changing.

Rae says we need to "change the dream." But how do we do this?" She believes one way is through "artistic expression."

Our world learns to function and operate mostly from left brain activities where numbers, logic, the linear and time rule. We are not taught to fully activate and develop the creative potential of the "artistic" right brain. With the left brain, we learn to describe and to define our world with words. We analyze and symbolize. Conclusions are based on reason and facts. If we function from the left brain only, we become intellectual, cerebral, totally scientific in our way of thinking.

The right brain can help us put things together, relate to things as they are and to be in the present moment. Use of the right brain allows us to lose track of time, think spatially and intuitively.

Thus, a balanced syntegration needs to occur between the two hemispheres in order to think in an integrated manner. Activating both sides of the brain expands the mind and taps into the creative potential of the individual. Activation of the creative process can help narrow the gap between thought to action.

Studying BodySpeak™ - The Avital Method, can help this syntegration occur. It is a highly interactive and intense training program designed to integrate mind, body and spirit. It's a journey from thought to action. Along the way, one learns to focus the mind, discipline the body, and activate powerful creative energies. One learns to discover new and subtle ways to communicate with the self and one another.

BodySpeak™ - The Avital Method, proceeds through three phases of understanding. In the mental, one can learn to overcome a limited mindset, work towards undoing the code of the symbols, images and concepts within our mental map.The physical is trained and disciplined for one to become aware of conscious movement through specific exercises and techniques. "When the mental and physical are combined and learn to work in harmony together, integration can occur." (See "What is BodySpeak™? ")

This is one of the ways to create change. But, most people choose to escape the moment and move on to the next activity. No one "has the time" or they are "too busy" with everything else in their life to do a self inventory about what's really happening.

This requires some honesty with the self. Taking time to explore where you've been, where your at, and where you are heading. We have the power of choice. To listen to our self or not. To get to know our self intimately or not. One must learn to create a dialogue with the self in order to explore and discover how to simplify the complicated. To find the practicality in living. And to be open to a new creative journey.

So, to begin this self exploration, one must have the desire to take the time, create the space and allow the self the luxury of devoting more time for self exploration.

We need to rediscover the "The Art of Listening" to our selves and others. But, we continue to sleepwalk through life, so we are not consciously aware of how we communicate with out self and other people.

Did you know that ninety percent (90%) of the messages one receives is through body language and nonverbal communication? This means that 90% of what you communicate is derived from what you do, rather than what you say - what gestures you use, facial expressions, how your body moves through space. This means we need to learn how to more effectively communicate with our selves and others. (From BodySpeak™ Brochure)

Are you aware of what you are communicating to your self and other people on a daily basis?

Do you allow your self the proper amount of time and attention for discovering your true nature?

Are you your own authority in life, or do others rule?

To end the evening's discussion, Samuel then asked participants to share what they had learned. Damien said, "I'm going to try and give attention to my self, and try not to control time." Hal says, "don't specialize." Rae, "listened, observed and related." Reinhardt feels that participation in Café discussions "increases his perception, attention and awareness." And, Carlene discovered she "thinks to hard."

The next Café discussion will be held January 22, 2000 at the Boulder Book Store located at 1107 Pearl St., in Boulder, CO. Start time is 6:30 p.m.

We hope that you will join us then! Bring a new and interesting topic! Invite your friends!

"Samuel brings awareness to the soul of people and gives the artists who work under his direction the need, dedication, and love for the world of silence and the beautiful art of movement."


- Marcel Marceau, BIP 1961

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