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Spiritual Teachers

Café-Salon Philosophique #63

July 8, 2000

No. of Participants: 7

Evening's Discussion: "Spiritual Teachers"

Samuel welcomed one and all to the Café gathering. Conversation began with Karen who was here visiting from Cambridge, MA. She happened, by chance, to be sitting at our gathering table looking over a couple of books by one of her favorite authors. We introduced ourselves, told her a little bit about Café, and she decided to join us.

She told us she was on a "spiritual quest," for her self; and just happened to be staying in Boulder for the next few days. She was also going to be visiting some "energy centers" in New Mexico & Arizona.

Jeanine arrived and commented on how she finds "spirituality" through sharing stories and the "ups and downs" of life with her friends.

"Soul searching" for Matthew has not been as fruitful. Matthew has been on a quest for the "ultimate" spiritual teacher for quite some time. He is looking for some one to help him break out of the impasse. He has mingled through the "spiritual supermarket," but alas, has found no real satisfaction.

Conversation began by participants wondering, "How does one find spirituality? Is it in a book? Does it happen by traveling the world? Does it happen in remote, energetic places on the planet? Through religion? Where?"

"Can one find the true essence of life outside of them selves? "

Karen continued sharing her spiritual quest of traveling, learning from books, and receiving affirmations from other people. She believes growth happens through "experience."

Matthew is very frustrated in his search for the meaning and purpose of life. He expresses a disdain for the "superficiality" of life on this planet. He does not want to think like the masses, go along with the crowd, or follow like a sheep. He balks at the conventions of anything! Organized religion, government, businesses, bureaucracies, etc.

But, he has become cynical and "feels trapped" in his way of thinking that "the world is not being real."

For years, he has searched out the meaning and purpose of life by studying from books, participating in spiritual groups & meetings, and learning from various spiritual teachers. This has brought him no real satisfaction.

He harbors an extreme belief that "one must totally let go of the ego" in order to be "enlightened" - which means he is not supposed to be connected to this world in any way, shape or form.

His next journey is to the West Coast in search for a new teacher? A new life?

He was asked by one of the participants, "What he was going to do?" He replied, "I'm going to be a street monk, and hopefully I will find a new teacher along the way. Or, maybe I will find a new place to settle."

And so it seems, we continue "The Search." For centuries, the humans race has tried various ways to contact "the spirits, the gods, the inner self & child" through various rituals, ceremonies, teachings and religion.

The crime in this, is that the true nature, the origin of creation, the contact with the true Creator self has been distorted. We have been pulled further and further away from the real source of our "spirituality and creativity."

Original teachings from original teachers become misinterpreted. Teachers who "pretend" to know are out there "parroting" what "they've heard," or "read about" from a book. They repeat the same information over and over, year after year.

Those who don't know them selves, are lost, have no confidence, don't trust the world; and are very gullible and innocent. "Educational systems, forms of government, philosophical and religious traditions have deceived us for centuries. When we seek genuine, authentic "spiritual" guidance, we come to an impasse." (From, "Finding a True Living Master Teacher" by Samuel Avital)

This is kind of where Matthew is hanging out at the moment.

Spirituality has become "marketable," "sellable." Again, the almighty dollar wins out. The wealth of our life is measured by pieces of paper - money. Does the accumulation of this paper fill the void, make us happy and satisfied with our lives? Are we really honest with our selves about this? Why does creativity take a back seat?

The "Gurus," "New Age" teachers, "Holistic" practitioners, "Spiritual" teachers practice a limited way of thinking, and repeat this same information over and over to individuals.

The same practices are "prescribed" for every one. There are not many teachers out there who know how to encourage "original thinking and doing" for one's self.

Most "spiritual" teachers have "egos." They want to be in control and "pretend" to know more than others. Innocent and gullible people "give up" on themselves, and forget that "they know." Individuals become, unhappy, depressed, and feel as though "something is missing" because they have "forgotten" the real truth.

Indoctrination of "one way" of being limits the beautiful, colorful aspects of our whole being.

So, what is the answer to overcoming "twisted logic, false reasoning and view of reality?" (From, Finding a Living Master Teacher,By Samuel Avital) Does one have to continue searching and searching? Is the effort really futile? Are there any real teachers out there who teach "living" truths? Do people really want to know the truth? Are we open to change? Would we know a "real living teacher" if we met one? How would we really attract such a teacher?

Well my friends, the true knowing doesn't come from the books, the groups, the traveling from place to place. The real seeking is inside with "ordered" guidance. The journey is growing and knowing how to live moment to moment.

I believe some of the qualities for attracting a "real living teacher" are as follows:

Consciousness. How aware are you? Do you know what you are doing every moment? Are you awake, or sleepwalking through life? Are you "in tune" to what's happening inside of your body as well as outside? How curious are you about life? If you are not curious, then you probably don't want to learn.

Intelligence. We all have the potential to use our intelligence, but alas, most of us humans are lazy. We like to be busy, entertained, bored, sleep, and "don't care" to make the proper effort to stimulate the 'ole grey cells in new and different ways. We limit our thinking to our own little worlds. When working with a "real living teacher," one has to put aside the pride and ego and be open to new ways of thinking and being in order to expand our intelligence.

Sincerity. Are you sincerely looking for change? Satisfaction in life? Could you be open and honest with your self? Are you seeking the truth?

Desire. There must be the desire present to want to change. One must be adaptable, flexible, and open to unexpected possibilities. Expect everything and expect nothing. Believe that anything is possible. It takes a strong commitment to the self, a dedication of sorts. There must be the desire present to reconnect with the inner creator, to want to tap into one's own creativity in order to sense that feeling of satisfaction in life.

Learning. Are you willing to devote time and energy to learning about your mind and body? OR, is it easier for you to "mill about" with "the sheep?" One must know how to learn. Lots of things need to be unlearned. The mind and body need to be retrained. We must seek to find proper, genuine and authentic "spiritual" guidance to help us "remember" who we really are.

Learning requires time, patience, courage and perseverance. It is easy to become distracted by all the external forces that constantly bombard us on a daily basis. We must learn to become centered, avoid the distractions, and make a true, honest effort to know our selves.

If we are truly searching, wanting to know our "real" purpose here, then, the "real living teacher" will appear. One must believe this. If not, the doors of possibilities will stay closed.

Are you open to these possibilities? If so, I am confident that you will find IT, or IT will find you.....

Our next Café gathering will be held July 22, 2000 at the Boulder Book Store located at 1107 Pearl St. in Boulder, CO.

Start time is 6:30 p.m. See you there! Bring a friend and your favorite topic!

Reported by Alessandra

"Samuel brings awareness to the soul of people and gives the artists who work under his direction the need, dedication, and love for the world of silence and the beautiful art of movement."


- Marcel Marceau, BIP 1961

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