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Quality of Life

Café-Salon Philosophique #65

August 5, 2000

No. of Participants: 5

Topic of Discussion: "Quality of Life, Is it a Choice?"

The group was small. Betty who hadn't been there for quite some time brought us the topic for consideration. Her question was, "Do we make quality of life?"

She shared how she has a couple of friends, one who is depressed and the other, that has been classified as a paranoid schizophrenic. "The depths to which people become trapped within their own minds, can be really amazing," she said. Sharing the altered realities and dimensions of her friends, really makes her wonder if there is such a thing as quality of life?

Samuel then asked the group to define some things in life that would be considered quality of life. "Just enjoying," "freedom of choice," "eating good," and "good health" were some of the answers.

"Do we really have a choice in how and what we make our life, though?" asked Betty. OR does the outside world impose things upon us? Flow into our lives unwanted? Do we really have the freedom of choice of how we want to live our lives? Do we take the opportunity to do so?

We then discussed those things that seem to be of "no choice" as impositions - the government, IRS, schools, religion, families, etc. Actually, anything can be an imposition if we let it.

Sometimes impositions can even be physical or mental, such as, unwanted illnesses, diseases, suffering, etc. "Actually, mental and physical health is in the hands of the individual." Some people agreed, and others felt that often times we do not have a choice as to whether we are healthy or not. We then paused, to reflect on how fortunate one is to be born healthy. Family culture, values and beliefs can easily influence and affect our health and well being as we grow up.

The freedom of choice for maintaining one's health can be a bit confusing though. As holistic practices, alternative medicine, and the Eastern way of thinking becomes more and more popular, so does "the greed" of Corporate America.

Everywhere you go, we are bombarded by advertising and the media to maintain our bodies by buying "their products." We don't just have a couple of products to choose from, but at least 10-20 of each product. There are claims from A to Z that these products are the answers to whatever is ailing you, or can relieve some or all of your symptoms.

We have endless access to information. The problem is though, people believe information is knowledge. After reading or studying something for a month or two, they think they "know it all." People want attention, want to be heard, show how intelligent they are. People like to be teachers and tell others what to do.

So how do we obtain knowledge? Through books, TV, radio, etc.? Can you answer what the difference between information and knowledge is?

Samuel then relayed the story of King Solomon, where in a dream he was asked to choose between wisdom, wealth, fame and knowledge. He answered that he would choose wisdom. And God told him in the dream that because his heart does not desire wealth, fame or death of his enemies, he shall actually have all four - wisdom, wealth, fame and knowledge. (Chronicles II 1:8-12)

When we are suppressed, depressed or limited in our way of thinking and doing, we can actually loose our sense of knowing. Freedom of choice is not accepted by outside authorities. Not many companies, corporations, schools, or religious orders want you to think for your self.

Fear can paralyze the soul of a person, so as to never move beyond the past, or give up limited ways of thinking, doing and being. We continue to believe the realities that were created for us since the time we were small children.

There are fears of not being in control, of not being accepted, of"never being able to get out of the unstuck places."

The group pondered over the paradoxes of living and dying, time and timelessness, emptiness and fullness.

Betty wondered reflecting upon her experiences with her friends, "how someone could get to the point in their depression of wanting to commit suicide?" Where is the void? When does it come? At the beginning, middle or end of what?

Again, we discussed how the quality of life must be defined by the individual. This life's journey is our own. For those of us who are able to experience freedom, we have the ability to shape and form life how ever we so choose to do so.

We can either maintain what we have or abuse it. We have the ability to think negatively or positively. Embrace life or sleep walk. Be in hypnosis or consciousness.

It is up to us to act upon our learned knowledge. However we so choose to approach life. Real lucidity comes from applying learned knowledge through experience, not escaping into altered realities, fantasies or other worlds.

Where are you? Do you know where you are going? Do you know how to make positive changes towards changing those unwanted features in your life? Are you learning from your experiences? Making new mistakes instead of old ones?

Gathering wisdom and knowledge rather than information?

Our next Café gathering will be held August 19, 2000 at the Boulder Book Store at 1107 Pearl St. in Boulder, Colorado. Start time is 6: 30 p.m. See you there! Bring a friend and a new and interesting topic.

Reported by Alessandra


Reflective Thoughts on Knowing:

"I who know, and do not know that I know; let me become one, whole, let me be awakened."

"I who have known, but do not know; let me see once more the beginning of all."

"I who do not wish to know, and yet say that I need to know; let me be guided to safety and to the light."

"I who do not know, and know that I do not know; let me through this knowledge, know."

"I who do not know, but think that I know; set me free from the confusion of that ignorance."

"He who knows, and knows that he is; he is wise. Let him be followed. That by his presence alone may man be transformed."

(From "The Way of the Sufi" By Idries Shah.


"Those who know don't tell. And those who tell don't know." Lao Tzu

"Samuel brings awareness to the soul of people and gives the artists who work under his direction the need, dedication, and love for the world of silence and the beautiful art of movement."


- Marcel Marceau, BIP 1961

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