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Participant Agreement

Download the Word Version here to fill out and mail in

Le Centre Du Silence

International Summer Mime Workspace
of the BodySpeak™ Method

Participant Agreement


  • Le Centre Du Silence is an artistic educational school concerned with maintaining total focus to effective learning. You are therefore asked to come READY to apply yourself to the work offered without complaint.

  • You who aspire to do the BodySpeak™ training must develop a discipline in order to get beyond the "noise of the mind" that hinders your whole-hearted effort. Discipline, both inner and outer, will not only ensure that your work will be successful (bear fruit), but also serve you well in all life's circumstances.

  • This PARTICIPANT AGREEMENT outlines the disciplines. Each participant must agree to it before coming to the workspace. Read it, reflect upon it. Then make your decision and abide by it.

  • Check the PARTICIPANT AGREEMENT only on your total commitment to enter fully into this discipline for the entire period of the workspace, and BE PREPARED TO HAVE FUN.

To be signed and mailed or e-mailed to Le Centre Du Silence

I Acknowledge the importance of discipline to the success of the BodySpeak(tm) training for me.

I therefore commit myself to the following rules, attitudes and counsels.

1. I commit myself to doing my best. I will come to the workspace prepared to work hard with both body and mind, totally and joyfully, to learn by doing and experiencing.

2. I will attend all sessions and be on time.

3. I will be a warm and friendly participant while preserving silence and concentration on my own work. I will not engage in unnecessary talk or socializing during class time.

4. I will do the Flexibility Cycle at the beginning of each class session, and no other forms of warm-up at that time.

5. I will maximize my use of class time. I will start Plastic Cycle as soon as I arrive in the workspace. I will not waste a moment of time in vacant inattentiveness.

6. I understand that the real work is my own training, the evoking and perfecting of my own capabilities, and will not compare myself with others.

7. I understand that the Workspace is a Space of Work and will limit my talking to questions and answers related to the subject at hand.

8. I will maintain direct contact with Samuel who will give me his individual attention.

9. I will not bring or invite any guests to any session.

10. I will not discuss or argue about the manner in which classes are conducted.

11. I will pay my full tuition in full before the first day of the Workspace, or 3 installments as I have committed myself to do. I may have a full refund if I decide to leave during the first day of the workshop. After the first day, my tuition deposit will not be refunded for any reason.

12. I will attend the Workspace with an open mind and heart, and put aside, for the duration of the Workspace, all previous beliefs, opinions, emotional attachments to practices, teachers, methods, and all personal problems and accomplishments.

I have read this Participant Agreement and agree fully with each of the disciplines in the best interest of myself and the other participants. I understand that I may at any time be asked to leave the workspace when I fail to keep any part of this agreement.

Yes!  I Agree to these conditions of enrollment.

"Samuel brings awareness to the soul of people and gives the artists who work under his direction the need, dedication, and love for the world of silence and the beautiful art of movement."


- Marcel Marceau, BIP 1961

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Le Centre Du Silence
P.O. Box 745
Lafayette, CO 80026

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About LCDS

LCDS is an independent school for self-discovery through the human Arts.  The school offers seminars and workshops teaching the concepts of Theater, Mime, and Movement.