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The Self-Evolution Cycle

The Self-Evolution Cycle (4) of BodySpeak™
The Avital Method

Private sessions with Samuel Avital

The Search for Meaning - A quiet time and space where you and I to DARE and IMAGINE a FUTURE of your Self-Evolution -- To understand and apply the knowledge and wisdom buried within each of us, according to what is happening this precious moment of NOW.

The Premise:
We are living in times that are pregnant with promises and dangers, times that are both cursed and blessed, times of corruption and restoration, times of destruction of the old and building the new . In these times where mediocrity is glorified, one must increase the awareness of excellence to overcome the mediocrity trend, and dare to be one's true self without apology or guilt.

We witness every day and every moment the absurdity of behavior, we feel the cultural decay around us, These are times of intense search for meaning, a lost promise, an innocence lost, a dream turns into a nightmare, like an inner earth quake we feel an inner urge of how to initiate the change from what was to what will be, a time/space shift of how to transit from here to there.

The Purpose:

To discuss and explore these questions and other personal and private concerns that matters to you openly and honestly.

Generally we are not listened to. There is a deafening noise, non-sense chatter everywhere, that we long for a moment of silence and quietness, so during these sessions we will explore deep practical and philosophical questions of our time, and how they relate to your personal life. Three main topics are the narcissism, the nothingness and the feeling that life is wasted, time is passing fast and we must re-think ourselves anew, change, why we resist the change and end up "walking in place" without making a step? escaping in the process from What is. Now is the time to search and find out who we are and why we are here?.

The Tools:

BodySpeak(tm)The Avital Method teaches essential movement and focusing techniques which are the core of theatrical training. Developed by Samuel Avital over more that 30 years of teaching and performing, the ten basic principles of the BodySpeak(tm) method, to cultivate moment-to-moment attention to action. Working individually or in groups, you will study the relation of motion and stillness, explore groundedness and gravity, and break down movements into their finest components, atoms, called the physics of individual harmony. You will learn to allow your mind and body to speak and act in unison -- to be the author, writer, director, and lead actor in your life.

Mimesis is a transformative art, a method of capturing the essence of a movement or a state of being by a powerful process of identification. This essence is fully embodied and creatively represented through behavior.

Tap the ancient source of practical wisdom in this powerful techniques of mimetic learning workshops.

These stimulating, fun, yet totally transformational and extraordinary workshops will enable you to use your body, mind and life force more effectively, causing a significant and positive change in your life. What is learned in the body is never forgotten.

By designing a private work practice program for you according to your needs for your self development and awakening in the right side, that is, quickening your self-evolution and live 100% every moment of your life.

The Benefits/Results:
Here are few of the general valuable benefits, results and leverages you absolutely gain with the practices of the Private sessions of The Self-Evolution Cycle of BodySpeak(tm).

1.You will discover your dormant power to apply your talents for your benefit and others. Everybody has these talents. Sadly, only a few ever use them.

2. You will harness powerful techniques of non-verbal communication by self-expression through conscious movement and action, to become a conscious integrated being.

3. Practice integration of the mind and body every day in a way that correlates with your daily projects and accomplishments. You will create confidence in yourself through movement.

4. You will master the journey from complexity to simplicity and vice versa.

5. As you advance in these practices you will discover how to use your amazing mind, body, and emotional connection to think for yourself, by yourself and to yourself. Creativity and productivity can be yours without depending on any deceiving external authority.

"Samuel brings awareness to the soul of people and gives the artists who work under his direction the need, dedication, and love for the world of silence and the beautiful art of movement."


- Marcel Marceau, BIP 1961

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