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What is Cafe-Salon Philosophique

We are living in a world moving so fast for comfort... where deception and vanishing values are becoming regarded as normal, whatever happened to loyalty, shame, personal responsibility, honesty and self-reliance? How can we maintain sanity in the midst of madness ?

"In our Café-Philo gatherings we will explore and dare to ask questions, in order to find out for ourselves some sense, and new ways to respond intelligently toward new realizations."

Samuel Avital, Boulder, Colorado


The philosophy Café was held in Boulder, Colorado with Moderator and Facilitator SAMUEL AVITAL from November 1, 1997 through September 22, 2001.

Similar to Paris' popular Café de Phares, (France's latest cultural invention - "the philosophy Café"), Café-Salon Philosophique was formed to provide a platform for individuals to gather to share real life concerns about what is happening in the world today.

Café-Philosophique provided the space for individuals to engage in creative dialogue over universal concerns - life/death, war/peace, love/ hate, humor/sadness, etc. People who don't know each other gathered for a few hours to contemplate and discuss such concerns.

Samuel Avital, one of the world's greatest mimes and "provocateur extraordinaire," initiated the discussion by asking Café Philo. participants to choose a topic for discussion. For example, "Why are we here?" "Do we have to suffer?" "Is stress self imposed or self imagined?" "Is the root of being human evil or good?".

Every day, every moment we witness the absurdity of behaviors, feel cultural decay around us and find ourselves in search for meaning. We feel an inner urge to initiate change, to make a difference and not slide passively along as we transit from what was, to what will be.

We are aware of terrorism and fear that runs rampant, scientific research that is done without consciousness, the failure of psychotherapy. What can we do about all these phenomenon ? These are a few of the topics which captivate the audience eager to participate.

If any of the above thoughts interest you, we invite you to take the time and read some of the session transciptions.  The sessions were held the first and third Saturday of every month. Be a part of the quest for meaning. Philosophy is not a bad word. It is loving wisdom. It is sharing the joy of being together to examine, talk and ponder the great questions of the universe and our existence. And dare I say, maybe even to find out how we can restore and repair the damages done to ourselves and rediscover the simplicity of our being.

Guidelines for Café Philosophique

1. Café Philo. is a gathering where we explore and discuss topics of interest.

2. Our purpose is to create an atmosphere where every individual being is heard and can speak freely on the topic of the day in a friendly, respectful and civilized manner.

3. We ask participants to respect the expression of others and their ideas. Our purpose is to honestly share collective wisdom and increase our talents in learning.

4. We will dare to think, discuss and air our philosophical assumptions without challenge. We will listen to what our friends have to say.

5. If you have a specific topic to suggest for Café Philo, please submit it to Samuel for consideration.

Suggested Topics for Discussion in Café-Salon Philosophique

1. Change - How do we keep with the pace without losing ourselves?

2. Network community - What does it mean to be connected?

3. Knowledge and information. How can we discern the difference without confusing the two concepts?

4. Are we embarrassed and guilty to feel pleasure and happiness? Is pain the route to happiness? What is happiness?

5. Why does humanity sleepwalk? Why do we accept only moving through the motions of every day life?

6. Is egoism the end of freedom and liberty?

7. Can we really say whatever we think and want? Can we talk with total freedom without offending others?

8. Can we become what we think?

9. Is the noise of life the same as the noise of the soul? What is the quality of silence in our life? Why are we afraid of silence? Are we bored or lonely?

10. What drives humans to invent and build values and at the same time destroy values through dishonesty and violence?

11. Does love liberate our being? How do we understand this basic concept of love?

12. Can we enjoy even thinking of the possibilities of immortality?

13. How many masks cover our true being? Are we aware of these masks that deny us of our existence?

14. Guilt - What is the source? Why do we allow friends, family, government and religions to make us feel guilty?

15. Does the soul survive the body after death? What is this body we live in?

16. What is "sheep consciousness" and why do we allow others to manipulate us like puppets? And who is the puppeteer?

This is the purpose of Café-Philosophique.

"Imagination is more important than knowledge"   - Albert Einstein

The Café-Philo. in Boulder. Colorado initiated and facilitated by Samuel Avital, Artist, Teacher, Philosopher, Founder and Director of Le Centre du Silence Mime School in Boulder since 1971, and discoverer of BodySpeak™.


"Samuel brings awareness to the soul of people and gives the artists who work under his direction the need, dedication, and love for the world of silence and the beautiful art of movement."


- Marcel Marceau, BIP 1961

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