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Samuel's Teaching Words - My Word Bank


 Samuel's Teaching Words - My Word Bank

Samuel offered these observations, teaching instructions, and reflections of various subjects at workshops, lectures, public seminars and to friends privately worldwide.



"My grandfather once told me that we are born with a certain number of words in our "word bank." If one uses too many words (like over spending too much), it empties our word bank account. They become overdrawn, or we become mute. So, when we use words only when necessary, we practice word economy."

"Words are only one of the ways to communicate. Ninety-nine percent (99%) of real communication, happens through silence, through body language."

"I highly recommend to practice one day of silence a week to achieve the ability to speak less and do more and to produce more and consume less" practicing consistently the active wisdom of "Word Economy."

Samuel Avital to his first class in Boulder, Colorado 1972



"Consider this old nugget of wisdom. From my experience, and many of my students it works effectively always:

When I HEAR, I forget. When I SEE, I remember. When I DO, I understand.

So, if you really want to learn and know how to HEAR to SEE to DO, and to ACT, you must make directed and conscious effort to be present 100% all of the time. "Integrated" and intelligent knowledge without proper and related action is utterly worthless. Wouldn't you agree?"

Samuel Avital, demonstrating principles of body honesty to the class of summer 1982



"Identify and eliminate laziness and dishonesty in yourself and around you. Live passionately without guilt. Be always ready, alert, creative and responsive to the beautiful and vibrant life within you."

"Happiness is your natural state of being and does not depend on anyone else but your own self. Enjoy 100% every present moment of your life. Remember! Your life is your only moment in eternity, precious and full with joie-de-vivre, a potent point of power. Give more than you take. Focus your energy with vitality to produce values and earn your super happiness your natural state of being."

Happy Days Are Here - Great Days Are Coming.

"Vive La Vive, Vive L'Amour, Vive La Liberté, Vive La Difference."

Samuel Avital, in a Public Lecture on "Honesty and Laziness,"

Boulder, Colorado. Sat, Nov 3rd. 1990



"WHO Is Writing Your Script? BE The Author and PLAY the LEAD Actor In Your Life, NOW!"

"Use and explore the proven techniques of BodySpeak™ exercises to Unleash The Fearless Creative Power Within You."

Samuel Avital, in a Public Lecture/Workshop, 1991




"Movement is vibration, life, vision, the stuff of creation and the essence of everything."

"An intelligent being thinks and talks. An emotional being sings.

A totally integrated, conscious being thinks, talks, sings, moves, and ACTS."

Samuel Avital in a Public Park Lecture/Workshop, 1978



"NOT every guitar-scratcher is a musician,

NOT every white face in town square is a mime or clown,

NOT every house painter is a Picasso,

NOT every menu writer is a poet."

Samuel Avital in a Public Park Lecture/Workshop, 1978



"Our power to be, to exist, to think, to act, to decide and make choices doesn’t come from any outer source, it comes from the Inner Powerful Source of our own individuality. This personal power doesn’t come from our friends, teachers or parents. It springs from the Inner Creative Source dynamically living within us."

"When we fully realize and acknowledge with certainty this individual power and awaken to this presence within, we become truly free to act, to think, to choose, to decide in a totally new dimension of being."

"With this new direction of becoming, the individual becomes creative and useful to oneself and humanity, helping others in the process to realize this power, and in turn helping themselves to give more than to take, and to produce more than consume."

"This Individual Power Source (IPS) is the road to a fulfilled life of happiness, productivity, and choosing clearly and consciously your own journey from an automatic-robotic living to powerful, responsive, active and creative living."

Samuel Avital in a Class Session on "The Importance of Being Present 100%," 1972



"When you practice the "Presence Zone" exercise, you seize the moment, what I call "elongating time and space." Learn to be like a lion and rule your kingdom, soar like an eagle towards freedom above the crowd. OR be like a sheep, and follow the crowd to slaughter." "Being present is the sane, conscious choice for living totally. There are no excuses."

Samuel Avital during Masks and Sticks Session, 1972



"My friends, let me tell you one great truth today. The most important and essential value in the universe is the individual human being, who is capable of creative genius in manifesting events, by inventing the most unexpected values to benefit humanity."

"The future belongs to the triumph of this genius artist; the creator of new ways of thinking, being and becoming. The individual who is a self-leader. One who dares to think, create, and has a fearless attitude towards shaping the future with utter simplicity. One who ignores the ways of the herd, and dares to be unique with humility and happiness."

"All the above characteristics have been and always will be healthy, in the sense of working from the creative artist within. Most artists know and aspire to these values. They shape the unshapable, dare to say the unsaid, and use various artistic fields for expressing color, sound, and movement. The future is shaped by such beings that soar and lead, while the others follow and crawl."

"Strive to develop these characteristics and you will be super happy to be alive and well. Always be ready and generous enough to help others see The Sun - "The light of the one who dares to look within," and express without fear the murmurs of the heart. The élan of balance, justice, honesty and self reliance." I declare the permanent state of happy existence to you by saying that:

"I am not a Human Being I am a Human Becoming."

Samuel Avital on Self-Leadership, and the Importance of Individual Independence, 1972



"BodySpeak™ is NOT psychotherapy. It sprung from an artistic view of the universe, and from an integrated view of reality. (Boat/Helicopter, Right/Left cerebral hemispheres, Sun/Earth orientation). It is creatively oriented to identify the inconsistencies between your thoughts and actions. It restores your natural balance of being, and aligns your natural expression between speech and movement." "BodySpeak™ is a transformative art, a method of capturing the essence of movement or a state of being by a powerful process of identification and integration."

Samuel Avital on Leaders and Followers, 1972



"BodySpeak™ assists you to use the right amount of effort and energy for any activity or movement by distributing your weight between various centers of gravity in your body. (See BASES in the "What is BodySpeak™?" article). You will learn in these workshop sessions how to achieve "Minimum Effort, Maximum Results" and "Minimum Movement Maximum Expression." In other words, join the few who work smart."

"Through BodySpeak™ teaching and training, you will develop your kinesthetic sense, so that it becomes a powerful and accurate guide for all your movements and actions. Gain control of yourself and enjoy a greater sense of ease, freedom of movement and balance as a well being."

"Daily activities become very agreeable (sitting, walking, running, moving about, thinking etc.). Physical and mental functioning align harmoniously with ease and poise. Certain specific practice increases awareness, causing positive changes in habits. BodySpeak™™ can assist you in integrating personal powers of being and becoming what you so desire in your heart, in a most practical and pleasurable way."

"BodySpeak™ training tunes your internal and external feedback mechanism. One learns to communicate with the state of where you are, how to beneficially change old and unbalanced habits, and increase the ability to develop new and practical skills of learning and communicating. In this process, one learns to stop using destructive patterns and move towards new ways of thinking and learning with greater ease, control and awareness." Some of the benefits of BodySpeak™ presented by Samuel Avital at The International Summer Mime Workshop 1984


"Samuel brings awareness to the soul of people and gives the artists who work under his direction the need, dedication, and love for the world of silence and the beautiful art of movement."


- Marcel Marceau, BIP 1961

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