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Here's What People Are Saying About Samuel Avital and BodySpeak™

"I think that Samuel's work is important. He brings awareness to the soul of people and gives the young dedicated artists who work under his direction the need, dedication, and love for the world of silence and the beautiful art of movement" "To my dear Samuel, Words will always be poor beside our silence, but they will open doors to our silent spirit."

Marcel Marceau, BIP. 1976

"Samuel Avital, founder and director of Le Centre Du Silence in Boulder, CO. has created a wondrous, spirited collection of essays, lectures, and exercises which explore not only the magical world of mime, but also the powerful integrating characteristics of art itself. While those interested in practicing mime will find this text to be an invaluable directive, Avital also presents a refreshing view of language, silence and movement which appeal to the artist within us all...

...Both of Samuel's books have become classics and have contributed to the fruition of the American Theatre movement in the last few decades, such as the moon-walk of Michael Jackson, Break dancing and the New Vaudvillians in the modern American theatre boom, and it's holistic approach endears its ideas into the healing arts in America."

East West Journal. Mime & Beyond, Book Review 1986

"Samuel Avital is an artist of conscious life, conscious theatre and cosmic laughter. When the madness of the world starts to get me down, I am lifted by the knowledge that men like Samuel exist. He remains unique, elusive, profound, demanding, dedicated, theatrical, passionate, and one of the most vibrant teachers I have encountered. Reveal your masks and his tools can peel them, reveal your heart and his tools are forever yours."

Mark Olsen, Summer student 1977.

Associate Professor of Acting, Penn State, Univ.Park, PA. July 90

"He's intense, funny, severe, provocative, loving compassionate and obnoxious. He's a teacher who gives his full range to his students. With Samuel, I went from being a clumsy kid to an artist."

Louis Greenstein,

Boulder Mime Theatre 1978-80. Actor/Playwright/Producer

"With Samuel the simplest things become profound and important...Every thought and action is scientifically pulled apart, and artistically integrated. Samuel turns a fierce spotlight onto you. If you have the courage to be honest with yourself, you will begin to see new wonders."

Chris Hilder, Summer student 1990.

Actor/Director, New Zealand

"He was probably the single most influential teacher in my life. He teaches an excellent way to come into your own best fulfillment, with challenging ways of observing yourself and projecting yourself to others. In theatre, Samuel is an excellent place to start out and get a sense of what it really takes from the inside out. For personal growth, it is an experience you would value all your life. "

Leslie Colket Blair, BMT 1973-1981


"Though Aristotle spoke of dancers who need neither poetry nor music, and such famous choreographers as Noverre, Folkine, Diaghilev, and Balanchine have used mimetic invention in ballet, the illusive art of mime did not come to America until Marceau brought it in 1955. It has grown in importance ever since.
...Samuel Avital, Director of Le Centre Du Silence Mime School, is one of the most interesting persons now teaching mime (and more). His Mime Work Book and Mime & Beyond: The Silent Outcry, originally written and used by Avital in the classroom, is now being read by teachers, actors, clowns, mimes, and dancers from coast to coast. Universal in appeal, it glows with Avital's personality."

American Dance Guild Book Club

"He is one of the most important people in my life. He helped crystallize becoming more aware of the responsibility of being an adult. He is relentless and doesn't accept compromises. He sees to the point quite lucidly. Any meeting with him sparks a response from him..If I were to recommend him to anyone I would say, 'do you want to change your life?'."

Sali Richardson, Photographer/Video Artist/Film Editor/Writer, 1978

"We move and don't know how we move. Samuel tries to slow movement down with different exercises. He was very helpful and took a special interest in me. He uses mime to work with people therapeutically. he was interested in me even though I was such a beginner."

Susan Rangitsch, Summer student 1989

Transpersonal Therapist

"He teaches things that you couldn't find anywhere else. You create stories through your body to show off a particular skill and go far beneath that. He has an impact on people through performance."

Rachel McCaleb, Boulder Mime Theatre 1976-1977

Full-time Mother.

"Mr. Avital is a remarkable man of astonishing depth and an artist of great magnitude and achievement, his profound knowledge of physical expression, teaching and performing is vast, rich and highly creative, his artistic fervor is contagious and his mastery is impeccable and practical... his method of teaching, is very well elaborated in his classic books. An inspired teacher, a magnetic, enthusiastic personality with excellent dedication and commitment."

Moni Yakim, Movement Theatre Director,Juilliard Drama Division, NYC.

Author of "Creating a Character: A Physical Approach to Acting"

"I learned to trust my body to honestly express itself. As a result of the workspace, I have become comfortable with my body, to acknowledge past blocks, release them, and open to new horizons. I also realize that it is I, alone, who limit myself, and it's up to me to exercise my inner power of my own authority in personal encounters, especially when expressing my convictions."

Marie Fuchik , Maple Heights, OH

"I had come to a point in my life where I was totally confused, and needed both artistically and personally, a new, better way of looking at life, I learned many principles and movements, how to let my body's natural honesty influence my mind...the first steps to total integration. It will take time for me to dully realize the mastery of anatomical alchemy that is Mime. My appetite has been 'inflamed'."

John Biedenbach,Trenton, MI

"I came to Samuel's workspace because I was in a transition period in my life, and wanted to take a risk and do something different. I learned that I am always the cause of my pain, and that I am the only one who stand in my way. Samuel presents many universal truths in his teaching. He is very intense, but workable. I would like to study more with Samuel either in workshops or individually."

Ana Calantini, Mt. Shasta, CA

"I have learned and affirmed that there is nothing I need to hide from myself. In being honest with myself, my communication with others is enhanced. My true self knows my direction, No obstacles need to be created. The true path can be revealed at any moment when distractions does not keep me from it. In my truth is freedom."

Justine Cahn Fenu, Syracuse, NY

"Be prepared to surrender to yourself ! Samuel strips us to the core to wake us up. He helps us to close the gap between thought and action, making us realize that we are more conscious and integrated beings.."

Shannon McCarthy, Montrose, CO

"Oh, Samuel, you are magic! I move totally differently. I am conscious about my behavior. The workshop has helped me stay more focused on what I want to do, how to relate to different people and to experience honesty in mind and body. BodySpeak™ techniques have helped me appreciate much more larger things, the bigger picture of what I want to do, to be and become"

Valentina Vargas, Actress Hollywood, CA , Summer student, July 93

"I gained a perspective on the artistic beauty that is inside me, and want to bring this artistic and creative self into relationship with others, and the world..The approach to using "the body" as a metaphor for relating to the world is a very sound approach to living."

David George, Boulder, CO, Dec 93

"Simplicity of the work, I dive in and suddenly find myself drowning in a flood, with brooms marching endlessly back and forth carrying even more buckets of water to douse me. In the nick of time, the flood subsides. The Mimagician returns, grabs me by a soggy collar and we turn back to page one in the Book of Silence. . . .My teacher is a big ring of invisible keys - they dangle in my hands as I stand before as many unmarked invisible doors. There is no superficiality here. To slide easily on the surface of mime-form would be a betrayal of this art."

Dorothy Ormes, Story teller, Chico, CA. Summer student 1978

"BodySpeak™ Workshop is the powerful self-revolution that helps me to govern myself with my own authority. It will provide you with the most honest tools of communication to better relate to yourself and your environment."

Beatrice Du Jardin, Paris, France , Jan 93

"Samuel has created simple tools that absolutely awaken the spirit and ground the body. Each learner is initiated into the reality that coded in the physical body are key principles for living a creative and purposeful life. He is a grandfather in this field of using conscious movement for one's inner practice."

Melissa Michaels, Movement Educator, Boulder, CO , Feb 94

"Samuel begins at the point of creation and proceeds to manifest world upon world. Spirit, Mind and Body are his tools to mold form from space. My work with Samuel over the years has been a great inspiration in my life."

Pamela Rose-Kier, Midwife, actress, Boulder, CO Mar 94

"Cyclists move through a limited range of motion and there fore become physically unbalanced even ''un-coordinated' over time. I found that by studying and participating in different types of movement disciplines during my career, I was able to develop coordination and flexibility, as well as to build strength. Additionally, it was refreshing to do something different. I found Samuel Avital's approach to movement to be intriguing, informative, and very useful. It's good work for the body...and the soul."

Connie Carpenter, Olympic Cyclist, Boulder CO , Mar 94

"I have been running long distance for about 3 years, running in general for 15 years. When I increased my mileage to runs averaging 25 to 30 miles in length, I encountered barriers which I experienced as pain or discomfort or fatigue. I have worked on my internal development enough to realize that these barriers had as much to do with emotional and mental attitudes as with the physical challenge itself.

"In working with Samuel, I have gained a deeper understanding and body knowledge of how thought, feeling, and body work as a unit. I feel lighter, less inhibited, more playful. My body is more supple and fluid. I have become more aware of how energy flows in my body. My movement has become more directed and organized, and I run with less effort. Best of all, I make the decision to be running this way now. Before I would have the experience randomly or accidentally. I feel more self-confident. I have developed a deeper will."

Melissa Huntress, Long distance runner, Boulder, CO, Feb 94

Samuel Avital - whom I have known since his first years with my company in Paris - I suspected would become one of the great mimes. He has fulfilled that promise. He was among the first to reveal to me what creative interpretation could be, surpassing the creativity of the art of mime in order to become a human being who dares to be different. This great artist has discovered an extraordinary relationship between being an artist and becoming a true teacher of his own method. Our acquaintance has brought the greatest joy and surprise to my life and art.

Maximilien Decroux, Ecole Internationale de Mimodrame de Paris , Sept. 79

"Avital's work reaches beyond theater arts, to explore the reality of physical embodiment. Practitioners of the somatic arts will find much of great value in his teaching, for deepening and expanding both vision and practical effectiveness in their work.

I have worked with Samuel's classes, and found that there are many parallels between the approach he teaches and that of Structural Integration."

Peter Melchior, Rolfer,

Guild for Structural Integration, Inc. Boulder, CO, Mar 94

" Samuel Avital works and teaches his students with the same totally involved detachment with which Horowitz addresses the piano."

Pasty Swank, Dallas Magazine, Nov 1969

"I have found the work of Samuel Avital to be tremendously helpful in my activities, I must often convey complex scientific concepts to funding agencies and fellow researchers, and understand and using non-verbal communications is critical to transmitting such ideas. I have also found it enriches my practice of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic-Programing) psychotherapy and communication."

Robert B. Owen, B.S., PhD. (physics). M.A., PhD. (Anthropology)

Certified NLP Master Practitioner. Mar 94

"I find Samuel Avital's work to be a delightful complement to the Feldenkrais Method. I highly recommend this class to my friends and students."

Jack Heggie, The Boulder Center for the Feldenkrais Method

Author of Running with the Whole Body and Skiing with the Whole Body,

Boulder, Colorado.

"Samuel brings awareness to the soul of people and gives the artists who work under his direction the need, dedication, and love for the world of silence and the beautiful art of movement."


- Marcel Marceau, BIP 1961

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