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Le Centre du Silence Mime School Statement of Purpose

Samuel Avital, Founder and Artistic Director, Boulder, Colorado USA

Le Centre du Silence Mime School (LCDS) is an independent school for self-discovery through the human Arts, devoted to teaching the dynamics of personal power and professional creativity. The school offers seminars and workshops that integrate thought with action by teaching the concepts of Theatre and Movement, how to learn to write your own script, play the lead role in your life story intelligently, and awaken the creative child within you, relying with confidence on your own authority.

The purpose of LCDS is to surpass the normal means of communication offered by the entertainment industry and society's abuse of the spoken word.

The philosophy of LCDS is based on Conscious Integrated Honesty. The artistic principles taught provide you with the most honest tools of communication to relate to yourself and your environment practically and productively.

The school's recipe for successful integration and communication is as follows:

1. The Way of The Actor is the medium

2. Integrated Artistic Approach is the technique

3. BodySpeak™ - The Avital Method is the Artistic creative method

BodySpeak™ integrates all the above and is designed to gently provoke your creativity for discovering unlimited possibilities beyond the creative edge, integrating body, mind and emotions through your dynamic artistic expression.

BodySpeak™ teaches proven and practical techniques to unleash the creative power within you, explores the study and practice of ten basic principles to improve your communication skills and help you to integrate the mental, emotional, and physical factors of being.

In one of his teaching statements, Samuel noted:

"An astonishing 90-percent of what we communicate is derived from what we do rather than what we say. It is revealed in our gestures, our facial expressions, and how we use the space around us. Our nonverbal behavior must send the same message as our words; otherwise the message will be lost."

Designed for people of all professions including public speaking, actors, dancers, clowns, physicists, entrepreneurs and business people.

BodySpeak™ is a highly, interactive effective method of communication that:

· Gives us a deeper understanding of ourselves;

· Helps us develop more meaningful relationships;

· Gives us control over how others perceive us;

· Improves family and business interactions;

. Enhances public speaking ability and body movement expression.

Working individually and in-groups, we use mime as the key to express imagination. By breaking movements down into their finest components, our body and mind come into harmony, and we discover true communication beyond words.

Through exercises designed to crack open our habitual reactions and conditioning to places, words, and things, we develop a capacity to become the author, director, and composer of each moment of our lives.

Le Centre du Silence is an untraditional school. Dedicated to developing and fostering Mime and one's unique embodiment as an Art form, which facilitates the development and expresses the "miracle" of Essential Presence.

Le Centre du Silence Mime School work, the Dream child of Samuel Avital, offers a broad array of technologies and information dealing with kinesthetic awareness of Body-Mind integration.

This work has evolved theoretically and practically over the past 30 years, and is taught to thousands of students from all over the world.

In one of his classes in 1973 about the energies involved of Performance Arts, Samuel said:

"The Male energy moves out, explores the outer dimensions. The Female energy is always in the process of return. She shows the way to return to the source of being.

The Male uses the word, speaks, talks, and explain. The Female is the embodiment of silence. She is just listening. The Male knows, The Female is. So, our silence and speech must come from the same root, the same source. All our movement and speech must be permeated by silence and stillness."

"Samuel brings awareness to the soul of people and gives the artists who work under his direction the need, dedication, and love for the world of silence and the beautiful art of movement."


- Marcel Marceau, BIP 1961

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About LCDS

LCDS is an independent school for self-discovery through the human Arts.  The school offers seminars and workshops teaching the concepts of Theater, Mime, and Movement.