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7. Emptiness and Fullness

"It's OK to fight, but then go back to work."

"The line of your work is parallel to the line of your life."

(Session of Thursday, May 2, 1974. Boulder, Colorado)

OK, today we will go into the body. What is your understanding about the human body? Quite a question, you can not answer it in 5 million years. But, what is your understanding as of now? Hands, lips, eyes, hair, what is it?

"A manifestation of energy."

"Condensation of a thought."

"Collection of conscious cells."

"An instrument."

"Continually changing phenomena made up of opposites, parallel lines, a dot in space."

Let's go back to the point. A dot in space, for what purpose does it serve us?

"A container that contains liquid, gas, blood, bones, nerves, minerals, electricity, magnetism, acid, spirit, energy. It is something tangible." "It is a whole thing, every part inter-relating." Everything inter-relating. That is great. Only the mystics know. Do we know that, or do we just say it with words? How does it happen? How do we walk, think or feel? Think first. How is it that matter is condensed, as you say? You have a good understanding. I am asking you to think about things that we take for granted every day.

How do we think, walk, and talk? "Brain vibrations." "Evolution.""Life." How do you define the word life? How does it define in you? The body is an organism of cells, organized to work on living together in spite of us. We take it for granted, not even grateful for the work that is being done. We think, act, and make mistakes. A lot is going on and we do not even know how it works.

Every cell has its own consciousness. When we become aware of the work these cells are doing silently inside of us, we begin to understand what this instrument is all about. The day you find out what your body is all about, and stay healthy, it will be very interesting. In other words, the body contains many things. Not only tangibly physical, but as invisible things, also. We are concerned with a lot here when we are doing exercises from these lines.

How come you have the organization to remember the line of the cycle? Or how is it you can get up in the middle of the night, go to the kitchen and get a drink of water, then go back to bed as if nothing happened? You think you are doing it, but it is doing you. We will go into breathing a little tonight. Even in breathing, it breathes you. It is an in and out thing. I have a story for this class. As you say, the body contains things.

"There was a very wise man from Harvard University. Top man, cream of the university, who went to Japan to visit the cream, top man of the university there. They sat together for a service of tea. Japan poured tea into the cup of his guest from Harvard. He continues to pour until "the cup runneth over." He continues to pour totally calm. The other guy, the head of the university begins to get frustrated. He doesn't know what to do in this situation. Japan is pouring and pouring, smiling all along as if nothing is happening. Enjoying it.

Finally, the other man says, "My friend, I know you are wise, but why do you continue to pour when the cup is full?" My friend you are very wise, too, to notice what is happening. Because you know when cup is full, you can't fill it any more. That is your situation. You came here full thinking you know something, but, I can't fill anything into you until you empty your self."

So here is the point. We have to know how to empty the cup before we can fill it again. So how do we empty the cup? When we want to learn something, we put our self in a state of emptiness, a blank screen so that we can project pictures. Give me an example from your lives when you have been in such a state. If you are in that state and you learn something, it is learned. But if you are not in that state, you think you learned but you didn't really. Then you become pretentious that you know. If you are in that state and learn something, you know but you think you don't know.

When there is a full cup of water, you pour the water out to empty it. The pouring of water is a physical movement from up to down. You can't pour water up. We put the body in states. There is no up and down, we vibrate it into different forms. We will try to do it. It may seem silly to some of you.

Start walking. What is happening when we walk? We move the body, passing the weight from one leg to the other keeping it in motion. Keeping it in motion means vibrating in your own certain rhythm. Become aware of your body. Notice things you take for granted - how your hands move, legs, what you think. Just be there for a little while. To empty your body of thoughts, you have to kind of let the water gush out of you. We will try to do it with words since we think in words.

Try to pour all the words you have inside out. (Garble) The mouth in this case is the mouth of the cup because we pour things through it. If the words that come out are the result of thought, you're not doing it. But if the words are just words without thought, nonsense, then you are in the process of emptying. (Again, everyone starts pouring out words) OK, now without words, we have just sounds, and vowels. (Intensity increases, sounds like animals) Now we will clarify it a little, just the sound ee-aa-oo. (During the time the class is chanting they are shaking out the tensions in the individual parts of the body).

Close your eyes. Do whatever the body suggests (The energy reaches a peak then everyone ends on the floor in exhaustion). Relax, take your time, listen to the body, your back, legs separated, be still and listen. (Bell) Listen as though you are the bell itself. See how the sound travels all over the body.

First trip is to focus on every part of the body when it is suggested. Focus on the head, no movement. Just be the head, the whole body is the head. Hair, the whole container is covered with hair. Eyes the viewers of the body. All the body is eyes, see through each part. Ears listen to every part of the body. Nose, mouth, chin and the neck. Be inside each of these organs. Shoulders. Be with them. Don't move them. They are there. Arms, elbows, lower arms, wrists, hands. Chest, waist, pelvis, thighs, knees, calves, ankles, feet, toes and the insteps. Observe from a point, your body lying as still as on water, floating dancing on the waves. Maintain stillness. Whatever image you get from the blue sky above, become that blue, and from that blue, and focus on your self and your body lying somewhere on the planet in a place called Boulder, Colorado. Just watch it; guard it, so that it will work well, so that it will be empty, so it will achieve all desires and wishes. While you are there, see your body moving on the waves, being caressed by the waves, and being carried to another dimension.

The first trip is a very good thing to do when you are tired, depressed, or wishes to sleep. Listen to this voice while you are in the sky, in the blue then when you come back you can apply it harmoniously. The other use of the first trip is when there is any disharmony in the body. Go to the first trip style into that part of the body. Stay there, examine it, and you will be amazed when you come back out of it that the diseased part is healed. Now come back to the body and we will go into second trip.

The second trip is the same as the first trip, but you start at the toes and go to the top of your head by your self in silence. Make the suggestions to your self-orderly from the legs to the top. The second trip is to be born. In other words, any movement done after the suggestion of that part of the body will move accordingly as for the first time. The head, contact the area of the head. Feel the neck, listen to it. Go to the shoulders, one by one, as for the first time, not taking them for granted. Arms, hands, fingers, don't move them like every day, but, like they have been in clay and are moving for the first time not taking them for granted. Study them. Relax and just feel the sensations in the body without naming it. Silence. We will do the third trip next time.

Thank you for being here.


"Samuel brings awareness to the soul of people and gives the artists who work under his direction the need, dedication, and love for the world of silence and the beautiful art of movement."


- Marcel Marceau, BIP 1961

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