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Your Place or Mime

A Mime Performance by 'Outrageous George'
And 'going Fishing' Judith, the stars of our Celebrating the Tenth Anniversary of Le Centre Du Silence

By Samuel Avital

As you know, The International Summer Mime Workshop began in 1975, after my participation in the first American Mime Festival in LaCrosse, Wisconsin (1974). My response to what I experienced there gave me strong motivation to open the first International Mime Workspace in Boulder, and to self-publish my first book, entitled Le Centre du Silence Mime Workbook.

Ten years later I asked a few of my past students to join us in celebrating our tenth year of existence. The result was that on July 28, 1984, George Lewis and Judith Harding gave a remarkable and beautiful performance called 'Your Place or Mime' to an appreciative audience who ventured out on a stormy evening here in Boulder.

I presented the performance myself to the students of that summer workspace and many friends with the assistance of Ilana Gali-El, who took care of many of the logistics of the performance with her dedicated work and effort. We videotaped that performance.

George Lewis presented himself as Corporeal Mime, and Judith Harding as Clown/ Comedienne with a program full of humor, outrageous ability and artistic excellence of expression.

I was well impressed to see them confident and frightened on that occasion, and I must say each of them has developed their unique way of self-presentation, and self-expression. For me, it was a special joy beyond my expectations, and I thank you both, Judith and George. If you are reading this, Je vous salut, mes chers amis de tous mon coeur.

We had a small reception later with other students and friends, and it is for me a very memorable and happy moment in my life.

That summer Judith And George gave a class to the students, sharing with them some perspectives of their learning--how they integrated what they learned into their unique sense of performance and of life.

As I observed the creative material they presented and the enthusiastic response of the 1984 students, I was elated, and a chill of intense pleasure ran through me. I was witnessing the manifestations of the dividends of my investment in their being, and it was wonderful.

"Samuel brings awareness to the soul of people and gives the artists who work under his direction the need, dedication, and love for the world of silence and the beautiful art of movement."


- Marcel Marceau, BIP 1961

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