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By Andrea Kuske, 1991, Frankfurt, Germany

"In the beginning of last year, I was just near the end of my Mime education. I was questioning myself about mime and art when I found Samuel Avital's Mime WorkBook in the German Edition Mimenspiel."

Fascinated by it because of its different point of view, I decided to take part in The International Summer Mime Workshop of July 1989. Through Samuel's teaching, I realized that we all are a mass waiting to be let to explore. We can find anything we need through ourselves by trusting the awareness we have of our being and our surroundings and, especially, by questioning the essence of things.

The deeper relationship to myself and the space of trust and confidence that I attained at Le Centre du Silence has allowed me to experience the joy and richness of my work in a great way.

I realized that group work is possible even between very different people from different nations and backgrounds when there is the honest and sincere will to communicate. This has awakened in me a new impulse to explore new ideas and material.

Often movements, ideas or thoughts from the workspace are present for me again and again. For example, I take my foot in my arms and rock my 'child within,' the innocent child, and sing a song to nurture him within me. I remember to live in my own way of thinking, as I do now.

Last month, I spent a lot of time with Aikido training and a movement work system created by Elsa Gindler, which brought me a step nearer to my inner connection. I began to feel my body more, which I consider to most important principle to start to move.

Now, I am at the point where I will be offering special evening classes where I share ideas with other people. I am looking for more performance possibilities and exploring what makes the audience respond to my work.

Editor's note:
Andrea was born in Frankfurt, Germany, studied in Spain and London, and continues her mime studies in France with Anne Sicco, while working as an airhostess. She participated in LCDS in the summer of 1989. She teaches children in Berlin and works with Elsa Gindler.

"Samuel brings awareness to the soul of people and gives the artists who work under his direction the need, dedication, and love for the world of silence and the beautiful art of movement."


- Marcel Marceau, BIP 1961

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