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Welcome to the Moving Edge Newsletter


Moving Edge !

Le Centre du Silence Newsletter 1991 - 1992
To Produce, Connect, Create and Integrate the Essence of Life Energy

The following articles were published in MovingEdge©! Newsletter during 1991 - 1992, to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Le Centre du Silence.

The articles are listed in the frame at the right. Just click on the one you want to read.

The writers were either mostly past students of Le Centre du Silence, and also friends who encountered Samuel Avital and his teachings at various times in their lives.

Those who have worked closely with Samuel talked about their study, the impact this has in their lives, what and how they are integrating what they learned in their daily lives. Some stayed in the Theatre arts, and others used what was learned in the fields they chose to develop their living. Most however, used that discovered-living-creative-edge, to make their living useful, contributing from their values to others around them.

A call on my past students of Le Centre du Silence Mime School:
I also would like to call on my past students who may be reading this note.
Please contact me at your convenience. Send me your observations about where you are now, what are you doing at this time in your life? Which year you studied with me? If you remember any anecdote, event, or impact you had while studying at Le Centre du Silence. Or if you have a story to share with our readers and future students, please send it to me.

Please elaborate in your writing, call or email me when you can. I will be very happy to re-connect with you. I will publish your writing in Le Centre du Silence Web site; sharing with others your special anecdotes and experience(s) you had here.

Thank you for reading and learning from the views and the experiences of others, who are still benefiting from the teachings of Le Centre du Silence Mim e School over the years .

I send to you my warm thoughts for your well being and happiness .

Samuel Avital

P. S.
We will add new articles in this MovingEdge©! Newsletter as we receive them in the future .

"Samuel brings awareness to the soul of people and gives the artists who work under his direction the need, dedication, and love for the world of silence and the beautiful art of movement."


- Marcel Marceau, BIP 1961

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About LCDS

LCDS is an independent school for self-discovery through the human Arts.  The school offers seminars and workshops teaching the concepts of Theater, Mime, and Movement.